About Us

Founded in 2009, GOTTA Packaging solutions has been one of the leading premier packaging distributors in Israel for over 15 years.

We take pride in helping our customers solve packaging challenges and delivering superior service.

From designing to delivery, we ensure high quality services and continuous support for the largest supermarkets & wholesalers in Israel.

GOTTA offers customer support & consultation through our team of knowledgeable packaging specialists providing an integrated approach for traditional and innovative packaging solutions.

When you choose to work with GOTTA, we can design packaging that completely meets your requirements.

Our extensive range of Eco-Friendly products include polyethylene custom plastic bags, and a wide variety of products for service packaging – plastic bags, heavy-duty bags, industrial stretch, aluminium foils, paper bags, non-woven bags & more. We cover Food Service packaging, Industrial Packaging, Government offices, Cleaning companies, and more.

Whether you need a packaging solution for your retailers or a batch of custom-printed polyethylene bags for your business, GOTTA can deliver.